Independent Travel Consultant/Home Based Agent

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Angie grew up in Overland Park, Kansas where she lived until college. Growing up, family vacations were a priority-taking at least 2 trips a year. These family vacations are what sparked Angie’s interest in traveling and exploring new places.

In 1989, Angie moved to Flagstaff, Arizona to experience a new place and attend college at Northern Arizona University. She received a BS degree in Communications.

Angie also met her husband, Troy, while attending college.

Angie and Troy have been married for 23 years and currently live in Houston, Texas. They have a 22 year old daughter that lives in Dallas and an 18 year old son who will attend the University of Kansas in the fall.

Angie has carried on the tradition of taking vacations with her family. They’ve traveled to many cities in Mexico, explored the Caribbean on several cruises, been to Hawaii & the Bahamas along with traveling all over the United States.

Whether she’s playing tennis, sitting by her pool, or just taking a walk; being outside on a warm, sunny day is when Angie is happiest.

After owning a successful woman’s boutique the past 10 years, Angie recently decided it was time for something new.

Taking her knowledge of owning a business, her love for working with people and her love of travel-she’s decided to join the Gerling Travel Group!

Angie Wood