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Gerling Safaris was created by Mark & Shayla Gerling with a strict basis of having a personal investment in servicing our clients who want to truly experience the "Life Changing" opportunity a trip to Africa can provide. Owner Mark Gerling developed a love and passion for the "Dark Continent" after his first trip to Africa back in 1996. It was in Mali where Mark shared a few kindred moments with some Malian boys eating mangos out of a 65 foot high tree.

Mark with Samburu Warrior"I knew at that exact moment in my life that Africa was a very special place and would be in my life forever." "It was a surreal experience and quite humbling." "Sharing the African experience with others is the best part of my job and life."  

Mark and Shayla have since been to Africa many times and both share a equal love and passion for the people and animals of Africa.  Shayla is often asked what is your favorite place.  "I really thought Samburu in Kenya was my favorite but then I saw the Maasai Mara and it was my favorite, then I went to Tanzania and saw the Ngorongoro Crater and it became my favorite and then the Serengeti.  The great thing about Africa is everywhere you go is very unique in itself so they really all have become my favorites."

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